Radio Sonics

"Sonic IDs" are short sound-rich portraits and stories in rotation throughout the broadcast day of WCAI, the Cape and Islands NPR station. The idea was developed by Atlantic Public Media to get voices from the community on the airwaves. We also received a grant from the National Science Foundation to produce "Science Minutes" - scientists explaining science - which aired as Sonic IDs.

They're short. Have a listen.

Adam Lazarus, myrmecologist

Hunting for ants.

Ant guilt.

Not even Barry White can charm ants.

Nicole Russell, zamboni driver

Making good ice.

Francis Doohan, cat lover

An evening walk with the cats.

Dan Smith and his red sink

Kitchen sink sounds like jazz.

Roger Gamache, postman

Bagpipes at the office.

Fran Ladeaux, guitar repairman

Fran hardly has time to play.

Frank Ahearn, hot dog stand owner

Frank retired so he could sell hot dogs.

Seth Kauppinen and Chris Graves, sledders

A summer slide at the eighth hole.

Chuck Lea, oceanographer

Delightful squid.

Irene Young, fiber artist

Fiber wooly.

Mary Engels, biologist

A kite at sea.