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Home Away From Home: Immigrant Stories from the Cape, the Coast & the Islands

For the last eight months, I've traveled around the region talking with immigrants about why they've come here and why they stay.

All this week, hear these stories on WCAI, the Cape & Islands NPR Station.

To Touch a Stranger

Photographer Richard Renaldi has spent years trying to burst the invisible bubble of personal space, getting strangers to hug
or hold hands, and photographing them. It began in 2011, when he stopped Jessica Ong on the subway and introduced her
to Alfredo. Renaldi asked them to embrace. And then he took a picture with his big 8x10 view camera, the kind with an accordion
lens on the front. “I was very fearful about doing it,” says Renaldi. “So, the very first one I did in retrospect was tentative —
because I was so tentative.”

Check it out on Studio 360.

Mapping what you smell

When we travel, we usually take pictures of where we go. We might touch a rough brick wall. We taste the local cuisine.
We also smell things. And the smelling might be the most underrated of them all. Kate McClean studies all things olfactory –
what we smell with our noses and where we smell it. And she’s been turning those smells into maps.

Check it out on PRI's The World.

Check out more of Kate's smell maps.

Radio Hustle

This isn't radio, but it's about the craft and how to make it happen.
A manifesto of sorts. Written for

Radio is so rad. You know that already. That’s why you landed here. No matter how long it took you, you’re doing something about
it now. Congratulations! Even if it doesn’t mean quitting your job yet or giving every hour of your day to it, you’re taking a step.
That’s how I felt when I first started making radio...

Continue reading at:

Teenage Diaries: Revisited

This incredible series is the brainchild of Joe Richman of Radio Diaries. I had the pleasure of co-producing this story with him
-- a story of highschool football fame, addiction and a second chance.

This piece was produced with Radio Diaries and aired on NPR's All Things Considered.

Ethnography of a Food Line

The San Francisco and Marin Food Banks provide food to 225-thousand people each year through different food
programs -- one of these is their food pantry program. Only 17% of the people served are homeless. The rest are
low wage workers, older adults, children and the unemployed. The food for the food pantry program is distributed by 230 local
pantries in the area, including a small neighborhood organization in San Francisco's Mission District every Thursday.

> produced for KALW in San Francisco.

Finding Miles

Miles was born in the wrong body and at age 28 he decided to do something about it. He changed his name from Megan to Miles
and began taking steps to make his body right. Miles took an audio recorder with him and this is his story.

This piece was first produced for with editorial help from Jay Allison and was aired on WCAI.

It has also aired on NPR's All Things Considered, Hearing Voices and Australia's ABC Radio National..

> listen to an abridged version of "Finding Miles" on NPR's All Things Considered

and the full version here:

Louis Kahn's Roosevelt Memorial, after a 40-year wait

After 40 years, Louis Kahn's design is finally coming to life on the southern tip of Roosevelt Island.

> listen to the piece on WNYC.

Harold & Butch

Harold Crocker and his pal Butch have been together for over 60 years. And one of them is a ventriloquist.

Aired on WCAI, the Cape & Islands NPR station.

Where Math & Art Converge

Check out this on-air and web feature I produced for PRI's Studio 360.

Painting with Ashes

Kevin King is not your typical painter. He likes to burn what he paints before he paints and then makes his medium with those
very ashes. Fish ashes, flower ashes, even human ashes.

aired on WCAI, the Cape & Islands NPR station and WGBH Radio Boston.

Precious Green Space: New York City Parks

A series of newscasts and features produced for WFUV in the Bronx, aired in June 2011.
(here's one for a taste)

From landfill to park.

What It's Like to Grow Old in NYC

A series of newscasts and features produced for WFUV in the Bronx, aired in March 2011.
(here's a sampling)

Hot meals delivered.

Holocaust survivors gather for lunch.

Home health care allows Arlene to live in dignity.

Fishing Regulations are Dangerously Tight

> listen to "New Federal Rules Give Fishermen Group Share Of Catch" at the Environmental Hub

Aired on collaborating northeast stations through the Environmental Hub, an NPR Local News Initiative.

Planning for Next Steps in Haiti

A family in Chatham, MA tries to figure out what the future holds for their family in Haiti.

Aired on WCAI, the Cape and Islands NPR Station.

Immigrants Head Home

Some immigrants have found it tough to find work because of the recession and are making a difficult decision to head back home.

> listen to "Immigrants Head Home" on NPR

Aired on NPR's Weekend Edition.

Ice made from sun?

A new ice rink powered by the sun.

> produced for Word of Mouth, New Hampshire Public Radio.

Fingerboarding: Skateboarding without the "fear factor"

The first ever national fingerboarding champion has been crowned after a long-awaited competition in New York City.
Yes, fingerboarding. It's a miniature version of skateboarding where competitors use tiny skateboards and skate with their fingers.
After several competitions around the country to find the cream of the crop, fifteen people were invited to compete.

> listen to "Fingerboarding" on NPR's All Things Considered.

Greening Cape Cod

With rising awareness of climate change and the idea of “living green,” Cape Cod residents and businesses have made some big
changes over the past decade (part of WCAI's Tenth Anniversary Series, "How We've Grown").

> listen to "The Greening of Cape Cod" on WCAI.

Poolside on Park Avenue

In a hot New York summer, people in the city are taking a dip right on the street!

> listen to "Poolside on Park Avenue" at the Environmental Hub

> watch a slideshow on the late-night pool set-up

Airing on collaborating northeast stations through the Environmental Hub, an NPR Local News Initiative.

Conservation on Cape Cod is One Trail at a Time

Mel Miller builds the walking trails through Beebe Woods in Falmouth, MA because he can't stand to be inside. He is the land steward of the conservation property that it is one of few in developing Cape Cod.

Aired on The Nature Conservancy's Nature Stories Podcast.


Pickles are pretty important to people in New York's Lower East Side. Pickler Alan Kaufman tells you why.

> listen to "Pickles" on NPR's All Things Considered

Singing for Seniors

Sing For Your Seniors is a new non-profit in New York City founded for and by Broadway actors and singers who often have trouble finding
volunteer work.

Aired on WFUV's Cityscape.

Graduation Woes

Two graduates at a small liberal arts school in Vermont struggle to find the next step of the way.

The Tin Man Diner

A favorite Cape Cod diner, the Tin Man is back in business after burning down almost ten years ago, and just in time for a recession.

Aired on WCAI, the Cape and Islands NPR station.

A First Inauguration

Two Cape Cod high school students win a trip to the Presidential Inauguration.

Aired on WCAI, Cape and Islands NPR station.

Spare Time

Sam Eaton is getting old and all he knows is fishing. He has been losbstering for most of his 89 years and has no plans to quit despite his family's
growing concerns for his safety.

Produced at the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies with editorial support from Rob Rosenthal.

Aired on KUOW, AARP Primetime Radio, , the Nature Stories Podcast and on American Public Media's The Story.

Look Me In the Eyes

Billy Bouffard is a rugby player and a quadriplegic. Through the sport of quad rugby, he has made himself stronger than he ever imagined
he could be in a wheelchair.

Produced at the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies with editorial support from Rob Rosenthal.

Aired on WAMC, KFAI, Saltcast Podcast.